Athletic Hall of Fame

Augusta "Gussie" Harris

Augusta Harris

Sport(s): Physical Education

Graduating Class: 1931

Induction Class: 1983

Devoted 39 years of service to EMU... Left EMU in 1926 with a life certificate and taught physical education for three years... Returned to EMU in 1929 and spent the next 39 years working in many different capacities for the university... Served as chairperson of the Women's Division of the physical education department and is responsible for establishing an undergraduate major and minor in recreation, the first intercollegiate program in the state... Became an authority in the area of social dancing... Served as president of the Michigan Association of HPERD... Honored in 1961 by the Michigan Association of HPERD for outstanding service to the field of physical education... Served on the National Soccer and Volleyball Boards... Author of many guide books and articles for recreation organizations... Coauthor of "Teaching of Ballroom Dancing".

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